Making Wishes Known

Making the most of living with a serious illness is possible with the right information and support. There are many decisions to be made such as whether to receive care at home, in hospital or a combination of the two. Your life and circumstances are unique and you ultimately have to decide, and take the action best suited to you and your family.

At White Rock South Surrey Hospice Society, we believe every individual has the right to:

  • be heard and to have emotional support.
  • be told all the facts.
  • share in decision making.
  • refuse treatment.
  • maintain control over his/her life.
  • be cared for by professionals who have respect for the patient and his/her family.
  • die when his/herbody and spirit are ready.

We recommend the following guide to help provide you with answers, choices and solutions:

The White Rock South Surrey Hospice Society Resource and Information Guide for Caregivers

This guide contains checklists, resources and other information to ensure that you have the support best suited to you. You can download the guide by clicking onto the link below, or if you prefer a hard copy, you can drop by White Rock South Surrey Hospice Society, call us at 604-531-7484 or email us


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