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Services are designed to meet the individual’s specific needs. Some people are fine with a cup of tea and a chat, others may wish to join a support group or see a counsellor regularly. The first step is to make an appointment with a counsellor, please call 604-531-7484 or email us.

Individual/Family Counselling

Loss is a normal part of life but when someone dies we can feel anything but normal. Grieving is a painful process. It may seem that there is no one to listen or who understands. Our registered clinical counsellors and trained volunteers provide individuals and/or their families with emotional, practical and spiritual support to help people deal with the strong and unfamiliar emotions which accompany change and loss.

Services are designed to meet the individual’s specific needs and we help people of all ages: children, teens, adults, and seniors.

To make an appointment with a counsellor, please call 604-531-7484 or email us

Support Groups

Participating in a grief support group allows you to share feelings, feel supported and be reassured that your experience is a normal part of life. We provide a safe, confidential and supportive environment in which to share feelings and thoughts. By participating in a support group, you will develop…

  • An understanding of the grieving process and how it relates to all losses.
  • A connection with others who are grieving.
  • An increased awareness of personal strengths.

All groups are co-facilitated by a counsellor and trained volunteer. We have groups for adults, teens and children. They are held throughout the year at our Supportive Care Centre located at 15510 Russell Avenue in White Rock.

Adult Support Group

  • For adults living in the White Rock/ South Surrey area.
  • Individuals are encouraged to make a commitment to attend all 6 sessions.

Teen Support Group

  • For young adults and adolescents (13 years and older).
  • Offered on an as-needed basis. Groups are limited to 5 to 10 people. The number of sessions and location can be flexible, in order to best meet the teens’ needs.

Grief Support for Children

  • For children (6-12 years).
  • Offered on an as-needed basis. Groups run for 6 weeks. There is a follow-up meeting a month after the end of the group.

Day Camps for Grieving Children (ages 8-12 years)

  • These camps are scheduled several times a year and coincide with the Surrey School District Professional Development Days.

For more information about any of our support groups, please contact the office at 604-531-7484 or email us.

Relaxation Groups

We offer 6-week group sessions in a safe and caring atmosphere where people learn and experience relaxation using soft music, guided imagery and gentle touch.

Research supports relaxation:

  • How we feel physically can be influenced by the mind. When we are in a relaxed state, our heart rate, metabolism, oxygen consumption, and respiration slow down. Blood pressure and muscle tension are lowered.
  • Relaxation can promote the release of endorphins and stimulate the immune system. The result is an increased feeling of calm and comfort.

Relaxation Leaders

  • The sessions are facilitated by trained volunteers who are knowledgeable in relaxation techniques and the effects of emotional stress due to advanced illness and grief.

To register, please call 604-531-7484 or email us.

Walking Group

This group provides support as people move through their grief and adjust to life without the person who died. Join us for some exercise, to meet new people who share a common experience and to provide mutual support and acceptance. Each walk ends with some time for refreshments and sharing.

  • 2 hours, once a week for 6 weeks
  • Rain or shine
  • 6-10 people

The groups are coordinated by the clinical counsellors and led by trained volunteers.

To register, please call 604-531-7484 or email us.